The Most Hilarious PS4 Memes

It has been a couple of interesting weeks for us all gamers. The announcement of the PS4 and the Xbox One and the subsequent thrashing of the Xbox One by the PS4 has led to the generation of numerous memes. Our humor bone has been tickled time and again by such memes, primarily developed by fans of the consoles.

Here is our pick of 6 of the most amusing and funny memes which gave us a genuine laugh.

1. How to share games on the PS4


 2. Legends endure…


 3. Good guy PS4

original (1)

 4. The score till now…


 5. The secret behind the PS4’s design



6. PS4 comes to the rescue


These are our picks of the funniest memes. Do let us know your favorite choices. If you would like to add something to the fray feel free to do so in the comments below.