The Last Guardian “Still in Development” Said by Sony

For A lot of gamers, The Last Guardian has become a lasting symbol of Team ICO’s continued inability to bring a game to market in the life-cycle of the PlayStation 3.

Though the game was revealed in 2008, the game was in development for some time before that after Team ICO’s last game Shadow of the Colossus – launched on PlayStation 2 in 2005. The time between the two projects is nearing the seven year mark. The game was absent from E3 which is leaving many people questioning with whats going on with the game, and is it even in development anymore, but a quote from Yoshida brings hope, “There are some technical issues being addressed,” Yoshida told Game Informer. “There’s not much to show what it looks like. At this period of time we are unable to give an update, but the game is still in development.”

When gamers can expect to hear more about the game is still unclear, but atleast we know that the company is still making this game, so as always my question to all of you will be, what system do you believe it will be for, and what do you expect in a game such as this