Tahm Kench Eating Tahm Kench Eating Tahm Kench Eating…

Sometimes story lines are not enough to keep gamers occupied, and a lot of times multiplayer gets tiresome and repetitive. When players get bored or want a different source of entertainment while in-game, they make use of their time by doing and creating all types of things.

Whether it’s by trolling, modding, or making music videos, we will always find something amusing to do if we get tired of actually playing a game the way it was intended. Sometimes online friends get together and weird shit just happens.

This group of German League of Legends players decided they wanted to make an interesting chain reaction video of their Tahm Kenchs eating each other. Despite the simplicity of this concept, it’s actually quite amusing to watch these creatures consume one another, as strange as that sounds.


I’m not exactly sure how this idea came about, but then again, we have all seen some pretty strange things in the games we play. You can check out the video below.

YouTube video