The Evil Within Delayed

The Evil Within will now be released on October 21st in North America, in Australia on October 23rd, and throughout Europe on October 24, 2014, instead of the end of August. The game is set to be Shinji Mikami’s, the creator of the Resident Evil franchise, return to the survivor horror genre. Bethesda stated that Shinji Mikami and his team … Read more

$500 Million Spent on Destiny and Public Beta out in July

CEO Bobby Kotick said that Activision is spending half a billion dollars on Destiny to make it a hit, making it possibly the most expensive game made so far. In an interview with Reuters, CEO Bobby Kotick has revealed that in in an attempt to make Destiny their next big hit after Call of Duty Series, they’re spending $500 … Read more

Xbox 360 Ultimate Fail

The one thing that’s always there for you, it never fails to let you down. When you have a bad day It’s waiting for you, when you have nobody to hangout with, it’s there for you. What if one day it’s not there for you though. What if.. one day it catches the dreaded sickness … Read more

Companies Get Along Better Then The Consumers

In the picture above one of two things could be going on. 1. Sony and Microsoft are actually being nice to one another for once and attempting to congratulate one another on there recent success with there new consoles. 2. They’re being sarcastic and just mocking one another.. Which one do you think it is? … Read more

Microsoft Congrats Sony on the PS4

Even Microsoft employees are congratulating Sony on its recent release of the PlayStation 4. One of there head employees this morning made a tweet basically congratulating them and such for the PlayStation 4 release. After all the stuff they’ve pulled lately I’m genuinely surprised they would do something like this. What do you think about … Read more

PlayStation and Xbox – Then and Now

When the PS3 first launched, many people thought that the PS3 will never succeed despite the fact  it was the first console that launched with such  a high price. The gamers thoughts that  Xbox was a   better choice for them. The truth is, many choose the Xbox because it offer a better online experience while … Read more