Microsoft Wants To Bring Xbox Live Cross-Platform Gaming To Nintendo Switch

In what’s the most surprising – and potentially the most exciting – news of 2019 so far, it seems that Microsoft has set its sights on existing portable gaming platform, most notably the Nintendo Switch. The GDC 2019 scheduling website, describes Microsoft’s future plans for Xbox Live and its aims to bring cross-platform play to the … Read more

Hacker Group Claims They Can ‘Wipe Xbox Live From Existence’

Xbox Live has had several bouts of downtime in recent days and apparently it’s all the work of one hacking group calling themselves New World Hackers (NWH). The guys who have also taken down several other websites claim they would wipe Xbox live “from the face of the Earth”. The group has taken down websites … Read more

Pachter claims – Sony “fully intends to kick Microsoft’s b*tt“

The next-gen console wars are on and GameTrailer’s latest episode of Bonus Round brought up some thought-provoking revelations. Michael Pachter, Senior Analyst  Wedbush Securites discussed some shocking estimations of the 2014 production plans of Sony and Microsoft. “Sony’s 4.2 million through December 31st, they didn’t start manufacturing til September 1st. You know that. I mean … Read more

Xbox Live hacked, 48 Million Users Exposed (FAKE)

UPDATE – Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live has not been hacked and that this is a false claim made by the hacker. A hacker  name Reckz0r today claimed to have hacked Xbox Live and exposed more than 48 million users information. The hacker listed numerous users information (email and password) and upload 6.12GB file of their credentials of … Read more