Techland Teases Possible Demo For Dying Light

Dying Light may have a demo out in the very near future. We’re talking about tomorrow people and if you’re looking for a zombie action thriller title to play through, you may want to give this game a look over. Dying Light is being developed by Techland who has made Dead Island and Call of … Read more

The Order: 1886 New Screenshots Revealed

A user from  NeoGAF  poked his nose around the Sony Santa Monica website and found a few brand new screenshots of their most anticipated title, The Order: 1886. The screenshots revealed  all 4 main protagonists, called the Knights of the Round Table sporting their steampunk arsenal and more. You can view the screenshots down below. The Order: 1886 is an … Read more

Gun Control Logic

We find it funny that Joe Biden wants to talk to video game developers about gun control, yet you never see Hot Wheels getting lectured about car safety. Why is it that society looks down on the general gaming community and  no other industries get bashed on for promoting potentially dangerous stuff.

PSG Exclusive: Greatest Video Game Raps Vol.1

    Borderlands     Borderline Disaster’s “Borderland Disaster” has got to be one of the best Borderlands raps I have ever heard. I love the chorus part of the song that goes “Pandora hoping to control the Vault, Vault, Vault..HEY!” It is very catchy. The name of the song is pretty cool. It goes … Read more