Telltale’s Biggest Games Are Being Removed From Steam

Telltale Games began to close its doors a few months ago after announcing it had fallen on hard times. Over 200 employees lost their jobs and the gaming industry is still rallying around, seeking staff benefits and union care for a career that’s now seen as widely-regarded as potentially unstable. Telltale Games’ narrative-driven and choice-based … Read more

Season 3 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Confirmed

After more than 3 years since the last season was released, season 3 of Telltale’s hit game series The Walking Dead has finally been confirmed. The trailer doesn’t show much, other than a gnarly looking zombie, just before fan favorite Clementine blasts a hole through its forehead. It’s worth noting that the visuals definitely seem to … Read more

Here’s When Telltale’s Batman Game and Walking Dead Season 3 Are Releasing

Representative Image only Telltale Games’ head of creative communication, Job Stauffer, has detailed the release window for their upcoming titles Batman and The Walking Dead, Season 3 via Twitter. Although the exact release dates are yet to be announced, Stauffer tweeted that the Batman series will be launched in this summer and the third season … Read more

Confirmed: Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 Coming This Year

In a recent interview with Mashable and Kevin Bruner, the head of narrative powerhouse Telltale Games, the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead was stated to be released later this year. Along with this, further information regarding the third season will be made available at the International Comic-Con held in San Diego from July … Read more

Telltale Teases Game of Thrones Video Game

We knew for some time now that Telltale was in development of a Game of Thrones based video game. Though what we didn’t know is any details based around the video game and where it will be based within Westeros. After a tweet from Telltale Games unleashed online, we finally have a bit of information … Read more

The Wolf Among Us for PS4 and Xbox One

Despite the fact The Wolf Among Us has just ended its season fans of the game who have been waiting for a disc copy for the game will finally get their wish, because The Wolf Among Us will be releasing on November 4th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one and PS vita. The game will release … Read more

The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 4 ‘Amid the Ruins’

Telltale Games has released a new trailer showing off the upcoming episode installment for The Walking Dead: Season Two. Check out the latest trailer ‘Amid the Ruins’ and see when the game will release. Telltale has revealed that the fourth episode in The Walking Dead: Season Two will be releasing on the PlayStation Store for … Read more