Techland Teases Possible Demo For Dying Light

Dying Light may have a demo out in the very near future. We’re talking about tomorrow people and if you’re looking for a zombie action thriller title to play through, you may want to give this game a look over. Dying Light is being developed by Techland who has made Dead Island and Call of … Read more

4J Studios Release Minecraft TU14 Images

Mojang’s infamous hit Minecraft, has been selling units left and right on the PC. Though recently, the game has been ported to consoles and since then, the game of catch up has vastly been going on. There’s constant updates going on the PC version of the game that console users are missing out on. However, … Read more

PS4 Console teaser released, full reveal at E3

Sony has just revealed a video tease for the PS4. The video is titled, “Playstation 4 See it first at E3”.  It’s a short 39 second video showing the close-up shots of the hardware. Unfortunately, we will only get to see the full hardware for the first time at E3 on June 10th. Until then, check out … Read more