New PS4 PSN Store Design Has Leaked, View The Images Here

PlayStation 4 has a pretty simple and plain PSN store design. This doesn’t mean that the PSN store is really bad but it isn’t sophisticated or good looking enough for many gamers. Things however can change soon as it seems like Sony is planning to change the PS4 PSN Store design. For a brief moment on March … Read more

Stream Cheaper Games with PlayStation Now (Gaikai)

The PS4 was launched not that long ago, and many new services are still making its way to the next-gen console. The PlayStation Now feature has been deemed a game changer, when it becomes available. Gamers everywhere have imagined a faster access to their beloved games, which is now possible through the power of streaming. … Read more

PlayStation Store Deal: Spend $60, Get $10 Back

A recent PlayStation Store Update was sent out for North America, but it seems that it was taking longer than usual. Sony has thrown in a pretty sweet deal, On March 11 – 18, anybody who spends $60 and up will receive a $10 credit back on their account. The buyer should receive a PSN … Read more

See What’s New – PlayStation Store Update for North America 8/6/13

Game Pre-Orders NHL 14 – $59.99 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist  – $59.99 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – $53.99 PS3 Games Dragon’s Crown – $49.99 Tales of Xillia – $54.99 PSN Games ibb & obb – $9.99 Superfrog HD – $9.99 (Cross-Buy with PS Vita) PS Vita Dragon’s Crown – $39.99 Superfrog HD – $9.99 (Cross-Buy with PS3) PS2 Classics The Red Star – … Read more