Batman: Arkham Knight New DLC Pack Dated, Features 4 New Villains

Rocksteady Studios has revealed that Batman: Arkham Knight will receive a new expansion pack on December 22. The new DLC is titled ‘Season of Infamy’. The highlight of this pack, besides its other contents, is that it will include Batman and Batmobile skins depicted in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 feature film, The Dark Knight. It is … Read more

Batman: Arkham Knight Will Have Graphical Parity

With the new Rocksteady game coming out in 2015, Batman: Arkham Knight is expected to have the same frame rate and resolution on both the PS4 and Xbox One. “We’re about six months away from going gold. So we don’t know what the resolution and the frame rate’s going to be yet. That’s something that happens … Read more

Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date Announced

Batman: Arkham Knight release date is set for June 2015. Rocksteady Studios has been working on the title for a few years now and the series has bee A exact date was not announced but this information gives fans a good indication on when to expect the next game in the Arkham series. The Batman: … Read more

New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Reveals Game Delayed 2015

The latest video games to make big headlines are all being delayed, or so it seems. The latest video game to be added to the 2015 release date is the upcoming Batman: Akrham Knight video game. There’s no details as to why the sudden delay but at the very least, we get a sweet new … Read more

Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Evening the Odds’ Trailer

A brand new gameplay trailer has been released for Rocksteady Studios Batman: Arkham . The new gameplay trailer is known as ‘Evening the Odds’ and is filled with your favorite cape crusader in a very action-packed two-minute footage trailer. The new trailer shows off Batman: Arkham Knight in what will be the explosive finale to the Arkham series. … Read more

New Screenshots Released For Batman: The Arkham Knight

Fans of the bat can now see even more screenshots of the upcoming title Batman: The Arkham Knight. This time around we get a few more closeup shots of the upcoming Batman and the Batmobile. These screenshots were released from Warner Bros Interactive and Rocksteady Studios. Batman: Arkham Knight is the upcoming title developed by Rocksteady … Read more

Batman: Arkham Knights has been Revealed

Batman: Arkham Knight has recently been announced, in development by Rocksteady Studios, and is believed to have a launch date of October 17 2014 in Europe. It was first officially revealed on the cover of last month’s GameInformer in April. This game is going to be the last in the Arkham series, and the setting … Read more