Someone Finally Managed To Get Inside The Weird Purple Cube In Fortnite

If you’ve been on Fortnite recently, you’ve probably noticed the weird purple cube that’s appeared. Well, it looks like everyone’s saying the same thing – what the hell is it?! A couple of players have already managed to get inside, and disappointingly it was empty. Although that’s not unexpected. We Managed to get inside it … Read more

Oculus Virtual Reality confirms schedule at this year’s E3 2014

Oculus VR is the company that has released praise all over the internet for inventing the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset, immersing players to experience a different way of gaming never seen before. They have confirmed that they will be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year, from June 10th-12th in Los Angeles. … Read more

Mind-Blowing PS4 Rift Concept Video

It has already been confirmed that PlayStation have been using the Oculus Rift dev kits, and there is a chance that we may be seeing it in the future. Even the Sony President Shuhei Yoshida has stated, “We’ve got a couple of the development kits and I tried it out and I love it.” We … Read more