Gamestop Rated as Being One of The Worst Companies to Work For in America

Working in the video games industry is often not as fun as it seems to some individuals. Especially in the industry of selling video games themselves. It would seem that working around video games would make the job constantly fun and engaging – not to mention the bonus of a killer discount). Well, contrary to those beliefs … Read more

Minecraft PS4 Retail Edition Releasing This October

Microsoft may own Minecraft along with Mojang but PlayStation 4 gamers will still have the chance to pick up Minecraft in retail copy this October. Sony has revealed that Minecraft will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 in retail version starting on October 3 for Europe with North America receiving the game October 7. There’s … Read more

French Retailers Warn New PS4 Orders Won’t Be Fulfilled Until 2014

The PlayStation 4 seems to be in short supply in France as a report suggests retailers are advising customers that new orders won’t be filled out until January 2014. This comes from Jeux Video saying that retailers Micromani and FNCA are saying the PS4 is sold out until the end of the year. FNCA stated, … Read more