Summer Lesson

This is the creepiest game available on PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR has received its first ‘creepy’ game –¬†Summer Lesson.¬†Available at launch, though only on the Japanese PS4 store, the game revolves around you helping secondary school student Hikari pass her exams. That’s all well and good; granted. The thing is, the schoolgirl’s age is completely unknown throughout the entirety of the game, and alongside … Read more

PlayStation VR is making people terribly sick

Even though some have praised Playstation VR as the landmark of a new generation of gaming, there was still doubts about its performance. It was always going to be difficult to wholly optimise the experience for everyone and for every game that was released on the format. Notably, some fans were worried that the experience … Read more


This is how much PlayStation VR games will cost

The first round of PlayStation VR games has been unveiled, consisting of 4 titles. The games are available to view and pre-order now from the PlayStation Store, and should give fans a good idea of what to expect in terms of prices, games, and what VR means for the future of PlayStation. The 4 games … Read more