Developers talk about problems with Oculus Rift

We have already noticed how much attention the Oculus Rift is getting and even Sony has jumped on the back wagon for Virtual Reality gaming. Games are already in development just for the Oculus Rift machine, such as Frontier’s Elite: Dangerous and CCP’s Eve Valkyrie. An issue that has arisen from using the headset is … Read more

Turtle Rock Studios Finally Reveals Why They Left Valve

If you know much about video game development studios, the name Turtle Rock Studios should instantly connect with the infamous Left 4 Dead series. Developers have been closely working with Valve for years during their days as an independent studio and with Left 4 Dead shown off from the company, Valve quickly snatched the studios … Read more

Uncharted Problems

If it’s one thing that the popular PS3 exclusive Uncharted is known for is it’s extremely detailed and advanced hand to hand combat system. They clearly spent a long time perfecting it and making it a combat system that is fit for the amazing game that it is. There is one issue though, you hardly … Read more