GameStop PS4 pre-orders stopped, supply runs dry

The standard PS4 edition is sold out at GameStop website as the “unlimited” supply has seemingly run dry. The pricier bundles are still available if you are thinking of ordering one, limited one per household. The stores might still have their quota of pre-orders, but as of now, it is clear that supplies are limited. PS4 … Read more

PS4 Pre-Orders Tops Xbox One’s

Gamestop has stopped pre-orders for the Xbox One not because they are in high demand, but that they have reached their maximum quota. They are still taking orders on their online site. Polygon decided to do their own investigation and called stores all around the country to pre-order the next-gen console. The results were pretty … Read more

Xbox One Pre-Order Not Available at Gamestop

Some people have been finding trouble pre-ordering the Xbox One from Gamestop. Shane Bell by the username@UF_Shane has recently tweeted, “Went to my local @GameStop and you can’t pre order an #XBoxOne anymore, it has been pulled from their system. Interesting” We are still unsure of what the exact problem is, but there are many … Read more

“Huge spike in Pre-Order Sales” during Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Retail Chain Blockbuster describes their PS4 Pre-Orders going “through the roof”. The “huge spike in pre-order sales” immediately happened after Sony announced the price for their next-gen console. The company says, “In the wake of Xbox One’s record-breaking pre-order success at Blockbuster last month, the PS4 has received the same incredibly positive reaction, proving that … Read more

Retailers Taking Pre-Orders Online for PS4

Sony has announced their next-gen console during their press conference at E3 yesterday. The price for the console is $399 in US, 399 in EUR, 349 in UK, and $549 in Australia. PlayStation Plus will be required for playing games online, and we don’t know if the price of PS Plus will change anytime soon, … Read more

Selected Retailers doing PS4 Pre-Orders

Be the first of your friends to get the PS4 when it launches!     Click on any of the links below:     Click here to pre-order at Game         Click here to pre-order at ASDA          Click here to pre-order at         Where … Read more