Xbox One Pre-Order Not Available at Gamestop

Some people have been finding trouble pre-ordering the Xbox One from Gamestop.

Shane Bell by the username@UF_Shane has recently tweeted, “Went to my local @GameStop and you can’t pre order an #XBoxOne anymore, it has been pulled from their system. Interesting

We are still unsure of what the exact problem is, but there are many scenarios that could’ve been. It could’ve been a problem with that particular store, or maybe even all the stores worldwide. The store may have been given a limit to the number of pre-orders available. The demand could’ve been more than the supply of Xbox One’s. The list goes on, and we hope to find the root of the problem soon. Keep checking back to stay updated.

Here is a screenshot of the actual tweet:



Has anybody else experienced a problem pre-ordering their next-gen consoles?