PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale characters and stages leaked

Reddit user “696Ly” got  his hands on sony upcoming super smash PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale,  the  leaked provide characters and stages from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. 696Ly  claimed that he received the images from “a friend of a friend” and promises that this source is “reliable”. Characters featured include Raiden (Metal Gear Solid) Dante (DMC Devil … Read more

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Gets A Release Date

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today the  official release dates for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Aside  there’s a pre-order bonus. Prere-ordering will give you exclusive ,an option to  set  a costumes for all of the characters in the game.You can see the custom character  images below to see what they will looks like   Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale … Read more

Drake,Snake and Cole Confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Metal Gear Solid’s Snake, Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, and inFamous’ Cole, confirmed for  PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale playable character. IGN uncovered a tweet – which has been deleted – from Eric Ladin, “This is a great cast, Glad to be a part of it along with @DavidBHayter & @nolan_north …” you can view it below David … Read more