Conor McGregor Knocked Unconscious in Sparring and Injured

Startling news out of Straight Blast Gym in Ireland, members of the media have received reports that UFC champion Conor McGregor was knocked out by a sparring partner during routine sparring. The knockout possibly broke his nose and he was reported to have had difficulty standing up. The veracity of these claims is uncertain. In … Read more

Evolution of controllers

Our controllers have been transforming for generations. I mean, it’s amazing to see something new once in a while. This picture above shows off the evolution of our controllers. Take a look at the differences between the first and third generation controllers and let us know which one of these controllers you enjoyed using the … Read more

Epic Videogame Logic

The image above proved that arrows is more a deadly weapon than guns in video games. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Choose Wisely

We want you to choose wisely a weapon you would prefer to have by your side if there ever is a Zombies Apocalypse.

When Assassin’s Met Watchdogs

This is a setting we’ll all love to play a new game in. Just imagine if you combine the world of Watchdogs with a modern day assassin similar to the Assassin’s Creed series. The end result could be pure mayhem and extreme gaming goodness. Who could refuse such a game? Make it happen Ubisoft.