Bethesda Reveal Post Fallout 4 DLC Plans, Working On Three New Games

Bethesda isn’t a one trick Pony and anyone making that assumption would be stupid. However, post its Fallout 4 DLC plans, the safest assumption would be to think it is planning to move on to making the sequel for its next big franchise, The Elder Scrolls VI, but it seems Bethesda has a lot more planned … Read more

Naughty Dog Deciding On The Last of Us 2 or New IP

To say Naughty Dog is a popular game development studio is a vast understatement. There’s no telling as to what the developers will come up with next but one thing is for sure, it will likely be a smashing hit. Recently, Eurogamer had the chance to speak with Neil Druckmann who is a writer for … Read more

EverQuest Coming for PS4, New IP; PlanetSide 2 Coming in 2014

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley revealed lots of details regarding incoming titles for PS4 and New IP. During an AMA Q&A on Reddit, Sony revealed that MMORPG EverQuest next version will come to the PS4.  He stated” Yes. We will absolutely be bringing EQN to the Playstation 4!” Not only that, they also  announced  “lots of plans” for the implementation of … Read more

New IP in making, confirms BioWare co-founder

The new Mass Effect game and Dragon Age: Inquisition, two BioWare titles are already in progress to go gold soon. To add to this, it’s been confirmed by BioWare co-founder Casey Hudson that a new IP or ‘intellectual property’ is also in development. The tweet also suggests that all 3 games including the new IP … Read more

God of War developer to reveal new title next week at E3

Next week will be the biggest week in videogame industry. Publishers all over the world will show their current and next-gen projects. There will be tons of new games revealed as we enter the new generation cycle. In a report today, according to  VentureBeat, Sony Santa Monica, God of War developer will unveil an unannounced … Read more