Germany Amazon Posting Reveals Need for Speed: Rivals GOTY

A listing posted by the German Amazon website reveals a Game of the Year edition of Need for Speed: Rivals. EA has yet to make any announcement about the Game of the Year edition of Need for Speed: Rivals nor does the Amazon post reveal what exactly is contained within the game. According to the … Read more

Need for Speed 4 Rivals Gets PlayStation 4 Gameplay Video

Ghost Games released a gameplay video of Need for Speed Rivals running off of the PlayStation 4. The game is slick and shiny, just how you’d expect a next gen game to look. It’s also very reminiscent of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. You racing through the streets of a wooded rural areas, deploying weapons … Read more

PlayStation 4 Version of Need for Speed: Rivals Now a Launch Game

The PlayStation 4 version of the EA racer has been moved up a week to coincide with the console’s launch. Originally it was going to be a staggered release beginning on November 22nd, but EA Community Manager Jesssica Damerst said that the development team worked to make it available on the PS4 in time for … Read more

New Undercover Cops Trailer for Need for Speed Rivals

EA released a new trailer for high-octane arcade racer Need for Speed Rivals to introduce undercover cops into the franchises latest installment. The open world racer blends single and multiplayer sessions by allowing players to encounter other racers while driving around in the open world. The developers haven’t yet decided on how many humans the … Read more

Need for Speed Rivals Announced

EA has announced the new title in the Need for Speed franchise. The new Need for Speed called “Need for Speed: Rivals”. The publisher officially announced the game a short while ago, which is to be “a white-knuckle action/racing game created by an inspired new development team”. Rivals will be release on the PlayStation 4, … Read more