People are making fun of Mass Effect Andromeda’s “Terrible” Animations

Now that people have got their hands on the Mass Effect: Andromeda trial, the game is taking some heat for their character animations. Earlier clips showed some characters that displayed emotions in… interesting ways, and now that folks have actually got their hands on the game, they’re discovering a slew of other strange and funny … Read more

User posts proof about Mass Effect: Andromeda Graphical Downgrade

With less than a week before Mass Effect: Andromeda is released new information is surfacing on the web regarding BioWare’s upcoming ARPG. One Mass Effect fan discovered that Andromeda is actually a graphical downgrade. According to NeoGAF user, Wishmaster92, the PC visuals in Andromeda were watered down. Most notably, the user found out that the eye shaders saw a drastic … Read more

Mass Effect: Andromeda has a achievement for romancing three people

New information has recently surfaced regarding BioWare’s upcoming title, Mass Effect: Andromeda. The upcoming ARPG will include an achievement for those who successfully romance with a certain number of people in the game. Recently, the gaming website, Exophase leaked Andromeda’s achievement/trophy list. Aside from the achievement that players are rewarded for successfully having a romance with one character, the … Read more

5 upcoming single player games that you can play for more than 100 hours

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This Mass Effect: Andromeda alien race has the worst possible name ever

Image: IGN Since the last couple of weeks more and more details have been emerging about Bioware’s highly anticipated space RPG Mass Effect: Andromeda. Recently, it has been revealed that one of the game’s race has a really bad name. In the Mass Effect trilogy, the different races had played important roles – the Turians were … Read more