6 videogames where the player dies at the end

Video games can’t always have a happy ending. Despite the journey you went through, and all the hours you put in, sometimes the hero doesn’t walk out alive. These are six video games where the player makes the ultimate sacrifice at the end. MEGA SPOILER ALERT 6. Halo: Reach Halo: Reach is one of many games on … Read more

The 10 Most Hardcore Video Game Heroes Ever Created

What makes a video game character hardcore? Is it their vigilantism, their wise-cracking attitude, or their muscle tone? While some heroes are rugged and tough and embody the stereotype, these 10 video game heroes are “hardcore” in their own special way. 10. Solid Snake A genetically enhanced Special Ops super soldier as one of the … Read more

5 Toxic Communities That Make All Gamers Look Bad

While toxic gamers are a minority in the general gaming community, unfortunately there are several individual gaming communities that have a significant amount of disrespectful players. These are five gaming communities that we believe to have negative undertones. 5. Minecraft Kicking off this list is the kid-friendly survival game, Minecraft. Despite a good portion of the community working together … Read more

10 worst big budget games that turned out to be terrible

Not every game can be a critically-acclaimed best-seller. Whether it was numerous delays, poor programming, weak narrative, or the game just overall sucked these are 10 video games that horribly failed to impress the public. 10. The Order: 1886 Despite impressive visuals and production value, The Order: 1886 will go down as one of the worst … Read more

8 Video Game Companies That Went Bankrupt Due To Poor Choices

Every now and then a video game studio has to close its doors. Whether it was due in part to filing for bankruptcy, their parent company deciding to close up shop, or just unfavorable market conditions. Here are 10 video game companies that went defunct due to poor choices. 8. Lionhead Studios Founded in 1996, Lionhead … Read more

6 terrible games released in 2016 that were supposed to be amazing

Sometimes video games can live up to the hype but some games end up becoming a total disappointment. Whether it’s because of misleading marketing, broken game mechanics, or the game was just plain broken upon release these are the 6 biggest gaming disasters of 2016. 6. Mighty No. 9 Mighty No. 9 had a rough … Read more