Rogue Legacy Launch Trailer

Rouge Legacy for PlayStation consoles is now available. Feel free to view the launch trailer for the game down below. Teddy Lee, game designer for Cellar Door Games stated the following on the PlayStation Blog: Once again, we’d just really like to thank Sony and Abstraction for all their help in getting this game onto … Read more

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Launch Trailer

Wolfenstein: The New Order from Bethesda Softworks has finally a launch trailer. Check out the latest trailer right now. Wolfenstein: The New Order, developed by MachineGames with publishers Bethesda Softworks, is an upcoming first-person shooter. This game plays out similar to the original Wolfenstein where players will go through an alternate timeline history where Nazis begin to take … Read more

Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart Launch Trailer

The cape crusader is back in action for Batman: Arkham Origins with the latest DLC available for download right now. Check out the launch trailer for Cold, Cold Heart and see what you can expect in the Dark Knight’s latest adventure.  ‘Cold, Cold Night’ takes place one week after the events of Batman: Arkham Origins. Bruce Wayne … Read more

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Launch trailer is mind-blowing

The launch trailer for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has been released, and is almost exactly what has been expected from a game whose primary objective is to shoot a massive dragon. It is a 80′s inspired, Tron-neon filled game which is due to be released tomorrow for PC, PSN, and XBL. Check out the trailer below.

New Dead Island: Riptide Launch Trailer is Bloody

Today, Dead Island: Riptide is arriving in stores in the US for the PS3. To celebrate the launch, publisher Deep Silver has released a launch trailer. As you would expect, the cast is back and find themselves (this time on the island of Palani) in yet another zombie apocalypse, which is overrun with infected. This time with monsoon weather … Read more

Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer

EA’s posted the launch trailer for Dead Space 3. The video gives you a proper look a the title and is bound to get you excited. Dead Space 3 is the third instalment in the hugely popular horror-action Dead Space series, and has been developed by VIsceral Games. Watch the trailer below.

LittleBigPlanet Karting- Launch Trailer; Game Out Today

 LittleBigPlanet Karting had its US release today with the UK release slated at later this week. In the US, those picking up the game at Target will receive a Target branded racer costume and kart. A launch trailer was released on the occasion. Check it out below.