Kingdom Hearts 3 Outsells Resident Evil 2 By An Insane Amount

2019 is going to be a fantastic year for the gaming community. We’re still in January and we’ve already seen the launches of some of the most highly-anticipated games of all time – namely, the Resident Evil 2┬áremake and Kingdom Hearts 3. In Japan both titles released on the same day, 25th January 2019, but … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 Now Using Unreal Engine 4

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have been waiting for the upcoming release along with any announcements for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 video game. Now it seems that the development of the game has taken a new form through the use of Unreal Engine 4. The Kingdom Hearts 3 video game is said to … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Story Details

News recently broke that the Kingdom Hearts X[Chi] will play a role in the story of Kingdom Hearts 3. Now the story for the Kingdom Hearts series hasn’t been all that well to keep up with in the first place. The general consensus is that most players are having trouble understanding the overall story with … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer and Release Date

Square Enix and Disney are working together to create Kingdom Hearts 3, which is currently in development for the PS4. You can Pre-Order the game now to receive a free limited edition art book. Keep checking back to stay updated on the series. Check out the trailer below. We’ll have more soon.