9 Japanese Video Games You Need to Play Before You Die

Besides the ultra-popular franchises like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, Japanese creators have fathered a myriad of other important and valuable gaming titles and because they have such entertaining gameplay and compelling storylines it would be a pity to let them fall into oblivion. To celebrate diversity, we’ve put together a list with … Read more

Japanese Developed Video Games Coming Soon

This week is E3 and with it comes big name video game announcements from studios all over the world. However, you might have noticed a lack of Japanese developed video game announcements. Turns out that there will be plenty of video games getting announced soon according to Shuhei Yoshida, SCE worldwide studios president. Shuhei Yoshida … Read more

PS3 And PS Vita: 153 Free Games For 15 Days With PS Plus Free Trial

Japanese PS Plus offers an enormous total of 153 free games between modern and classic ones to its subscribers. Within the instant collection, there are cult classics like Arc the Lad, Shin Megami Tensei, Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Ken Kaze Tobari, Lunatic Dawn Odyssey, Spectral Force, Spectral Tower II, Langrisser, Thunder Force V, Shadow Tower, Brigandine, Gun Parade March, Assault … Read more

Japanese gamers impressions about the PS4

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 last month. Their unveil revealed how the PS4 will push the boundaries of play. The Japanese gaming magazine,Weekly Famitsu  revealed the Japanese gamers impressions about the PS4. Down below we provide you 4 charts that held the Q/A about the gamers impressions  towards the PS4. When asked how much they anticipate the PS4 … Read more