Japanese Developed Video Games Coming Soon

This week is E3 and with it comes big name video game announcements from studios all over the world. However, you might have noticed a lack of Japanese developed video game announcements. Turns out that there will be plenty of video games getting announced soon according to Shuhei Yoshida, SCE worldwide studios president.

Shuhei Yoshida was interviewed by 4Gamer in which was asked about Japanese developed video games and the lack of them being present during E3.

“This time we were focused on introducing titles for the North American region, but of course about Japanese games first parties and also third parties are developing a large number of them. We should be able to show you the latest in that area at Tokyo Game Show 2014”

I’m sure it’s no stretch that we’ll be seeing plenty of Japanese video games being developed and shown off during the Tokyo Game Show this year for most of you. While we’re in the middle of E3 2014, we’ll of course have the latest from Tokyo Game Show 2014.