Don’t Expect These Games To Appear At E3 2021 This Weekend

It’s here again – after a year’s hiatus, E3 2021 is back in full swing with four packed days of non-stop gaming announcements. Previous years have given us incredible memories. A lot of cringe-worthy ones, for sure, but some of the best have come from game announcements that were totally out of left field. That … Read more

Disney Confirms There Will Be Another ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie

The reaction to 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was mixed at best. But one Harrison Ford leg surgery and a few Shia LaBeouf public breakdowns later, here we are, waiting for a fifth Indiana Jones movie. Disney confirmed today that the 73-year-old actor will return for a fifth installment of Indiana Jones. The untitled entry is … Read more

Spelunky Review

Jump, die, fall, die, swing, die, grab, die, walk, die, whip, die, die, die. In Mossmouth’s indie platformer Spelunky players will be greeted by a bucket load of death and dying in one of the most difficult games to come to the PS4. As part of October’s PS Plus line-up, Spelunky was one of the … Read more