Rise to Ruins Dev Gives Patrons Back Two Times The Amount Anyone Has Donated

The owner of Indie development company SixtyGig Games, Raymond Doerr, has made a surprising announcement to those who’ve donated to his Patreon, and it’s something that more developers should consider. Doerr, creator of successful Steam game Rise To Ruins, shared a statement on the game’s Steam page, saying: “Rise to Ruins easily sustains my livelihood and … Read more

Survey Reveals That Game Developers Prefer PC

A 2019 Game Developers Conference survey has found that PC is still the chosen platform for most game developers. Asking close to 4,000 developers for their opinions on creating games for PC, consoles and mobile, an overwhelming number expressed their passion for PC. 56% of the test group had released their most-recent game on PC, … Read more

God Of War’s Combat Designer Spills The Beans On THAT Boss Battle

God Of War is one of the greatest PlayStation exclusives of all time, breaking records, wowing critics and blowing fans away.  It’s so good, it’s officially the 2018 winner of The Game Awards’ Best Game. One of the most phenomenal parts of the game actually happens pretty soon into playing – of course I’m talking about the … Read more