Stream Cheaper Games with PlayStation Now (Gaikai)

The PS4 was launched not that long ago, and many new services are still making its way to the next-gen console. The PlayStation Now feature has been deemed a game changer, when it becomes available. Gamers everywhere have imagined a faster access to their beloved games, which is now possible through the power of streaming. … Read more

Did Gaikai Accidentally Reveal PlayStation Now Rental Prices?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about Sony’s upcoming service PlayStation Now. Originally known as Gaikai, Sony quickly picked up the service labeled it PlayStation Now. The subscription service would allow several Sony consoles and devices to connect online and access select video game titles to play right online through streaming on the cloud. Today, Gaikai … Read more

Gaikai to Allow Streaming of PS3 Games on PS4

Shuhei Yoshida announced at TGS that the PlayStation 4 will offer Gaikai streaming of PS3 games in North America come 2014. At the post keynote roundtable, Yoshida stated that a selection of streamed titles will be made available and that selection will grow over time. He stressed that gamers want a decent selection of games … Read more

Sony says “of course” PS4 will have Cloud Powered Gaikai

One tactic that Microsoft has been using to boost the importance of their Xbox One, has been to combine the console with the power of cloud computing. Apparently, the Xbox One will be four times more powerful, due to cloud computing which explains why the device must always be online. The official website for the … Read more

PSG: Pre-E3 Day 6

The most important gaming convention of the year is only a couple days away and our previous Pre-E3 articles consisted of the companies that are kicking off E3 by having a press conference for their new products, and we have been saving the best for last. We talked about Microsoft’s home entertainment system, EA’s exciting … Read more

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Gives Lots Of Information On PS4

Today during a round table session with media, Sony president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida fielded questions about a range of topics concerning the recently announced PlayStation 4 and the growing PlayStation ecosystem. Check out Yoshida’s comments on a host of topics below. Possibility of PS4 blocking used games When you purchase the disc-based games … Read more

Sony Registers PlayStation Cloud Domains

With the PS4 announcement scheduled to take place tomorrow in New York.  Sony’s now  registered three  PlayStation cloud domain.  Could this have something to do with Gaikai  they acquired last year for  $380 million?  Yes, definitely! Apparently today, three new domain were discovered under, and Not only that but all three domain are currently online.  On a recent report ,Wall Street Journal … Read more