This Mod Turns Fallout 4 into a Realistic Survival Game

If Fallout 4’s survival mode wasn’t enough of a challenge for you, look no further; the Frost Survival Simulator mod is here (to kick your ass). The Frost Survival Simulator Mod erases the story of Fallout 4 and puts you in the world of the Commonwealth right after the bombs fell. As a result, advanced … Read more

12 incredible videogames that you can play for more than 100 hours

It’s been a wild year, are you looking to finish it completely immersed inside of a massive game that you can play for hundreds of hours? Then you’re in the right place. Here’s a collection of games for a variety of platforms that will keep you busy for countless hours so you’ll definitely get your … Read more

This Fallout 4 Penthouse is the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Fallout 4 had seen a lot of mods in the past but this new mod transforms a settlement into a gorgeous penthouse. The beautiful looking penthouse which is constructed on the Wasteland looks like a perfect bachelor pad. From well crafted living room to study area, bedroom to a minibar, the penthouse has it all. It … Read more