Facebook is working with Unity to create a new gaming platform

Unity Technologies is one of the largest development platforms in the world. They are currently teaming up with Facebook in order to create a new PC gaming platform. The popular social media phenomenon comes with over 650 million gamers. This gaming platform will serve as a tool for developers that want to create games strictly … Read more

Female Gaming Journalist Reports Rape Threats From Trolls To Their Moms

Being a female in itself isn’t easy if you’re an online personality but if you happen to be among the limited number of females in the gaming industry, it just gets worse. Receiving all kinds of vulgar comments and being objectified beyond comprehension is commonplace, receiving weekly rape threats isn’t unusual either. Often, the abusers … Read more

Sony Sells over 6 Million PS4’s Worldwide

The PlayStation 4 has proven to be a strong competitor in the next generation of gaming. The strong sales in Japan was the push that Sony needed to reach to the top. On March 2nd, Sony announced that they have sold six million PS4 consoles in 57 countries, all across the world. The president and … Read more

Sony: “When Word’s Collide” Photo Teaser

The teaser was posted by Sony on their Facebook and PlayStation Twitter page. It is an image of a purple solar eclipse with the words “When World’s Collide” above it. The crazy thing is that there is no other information but that photo, so the teaser can have numerous meanings. The best guess is that … Read more

PS4 April 18 – 2013 Give Away

If you have any requests, visit here. The PS4 is scheduled for a holiday 2013 release (November/December). In order to win the PS4, your name will be counted as a ticket. One like on the daily selected article is counted as one ticket and one share on the daily selected article is counted as one ticket. To … Read more