Square Enix Is Now Charging $70 For Games On PC

The main versions of Forspoken and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will cost players $70 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. $70, or £65, is an increase over the standard $60 price tag we’ve been used to seeing. But both those games, two of Square Enix’s biggest upcoming titles, are being sold … Read more

Metro Exodus Devs Respond To Employee’s Rant At Exclusivity Backlash

Metro Exodus hasn’t even been released and yet it’s already one of the most controversial games we’ve seen in a while. The game was pulled from the Steam store in favour of the Epic Games Store in a sudden move that left Steam players really p*ssed off. As people took to review-bombing Steam’s other Metro … Read more

BAFTA’s 2017 Game Of The Year Will Be Free On The Epic Games Store

Epic Games has been wowing players with its recently-launched competitor to Steam known as the Epic Games Store. Since its launch late last year, Epic has unveiled a load of exclusive games, and its even gone one step further by promising players two free games a month. Thanks, Epic! The first of these free games … Read more

Here’s How To Get Subnautica For Free This December

The only thing better than getting a new game is getting a new game for free, and thanks to the Epic Store you won’t even need to wait until December 25th. The Epic Store is giving away Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s amazing Subnautica. The open-world exploration and horror game is now free for you to download – … Read more