Sony reveals why it showed no new PS4 exclusives at E3 2017

If you were looking forward for some fresh PS4 exclusive game announcements at E3, you were probabally left sitting there twiddling your thumbs saying “Ho hum,” trying not to look disappointed while everyone around you was getting excited about trailers and announcements. We could only imagine that Sony still has some tricks up their sleeve. In … Read more

Far Cry 5’s Gameplay Reveal Showed Some Unexpected Features

There’s no doubt about it- Far Cry 5 is going to be one of the most exciting releases of 2018. Even though the release is pretty far down the line, developer Ubisoft has been generous with information on the game. This week at E3, Ubisoft debuted new gameplay that highlighted some new and unexpected features. One … Read more

Sony reveals list of confirmed games for E3 2017, teases new announcements

Sony PlayStation has finally confirmed the games it’ll be showing during its E3 press conference. Obviously these only include announced titles and there is also going to be several surprise announcements made during the show. God of War Spider-Man Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Days Gone Gran Turismo Sport It also confirmed to be partnering up … Read more

E3 will finally be open to the public this year

Great news, gamers! This year’s E3 will be opening up to the public, rather than just those affiliated with the press. This is an exciting opportunity for those who have always wanted to step foot at one of the biggest gaming conventions. On February 13th at noon EST there will be 15,000 tickets that will … Read more