New DualShock 4 controller patented by Sony, features new buttons

Sony’s E3 2016 conference wasn’t anything short of spectacular, with a fantastic variety of exciting and innovative games on display. We caught our first glimpse into the upcoming God of War sequel, a sizable look at the exceedingly well-done Days Gone, and a mysterious sneak peak into Kojima Productions’ first game, Death Stranding. Despite having … Read more

The Absolute Worst Moments of E3 2016

The lack of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay Mass Effect has an absolutely massive cult following, all committed and dedicated to seeing their franchise succeed, do well, and impress. Andromeda didn’t have much of a presence at E3 2016, and naturally, quite a few people are upset by this; most prominently, the long-term fans of the … Read more

This is how you can watch every E3 press conference live online

Excited for E3? Well if you’re not, you should be. This year’s line up looks absolutely smashing. All the big names are in attendance – EA, Bethesda, Sony, Ubisoft – and each of them are expected to have some extremely exciting announcements to make. If you’re hyped up to watch the events at E3 but … Read more

Insider Confirmed: BioShock Collection is ‘happening’

Reputable gaming informer Shinobi602 has confirmed that 2K are going to be bringing out a Bioshock collection, along with the already confirmed new Bioshock title being developed by 2K Marin. In a segment on Youtube channel MrMattyPlays, Shinobi stated that he had information confirming that the collection is definitely in the work: “Oh that’s happening. … Read more

15 Massive E3 Rumours That Should Absolutely Come True

Red Dead 3 One of Rockstar’s most loved games was Red Dead Redemption. The game, which is also the second installment of the Red Dead series was released in 2010 and widely accepted by the audience. Since then, people have been waiting for the next Red Dead game and it seems like their wait is finally … Read more