Disney Infinity 2.0 coming to PS4

Disney’s Infinity game is receiving a 2.0 update which means our favorite Marvel superheroes will be playable characters. Also, the game will be releasing on the Sony PlayStation 4 among other platforms. Disney has released details on their upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0 video game. This new expansion will add new Marvel superheroes including Captain America, The Incredible … Read more

Help Shape The Kingdom Hearts Series Through A Survey

The Kingdom Heart series has been a popular franchise since its first debut. Giving players the ability to dive into the different universes that Disney created along with a few Square Enix Final Fantasy characters has given players countless hours of fun. Now that we’re waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to get its release, Square Enix is … Read more

Disney Lets Star Wars 1313 Trademark Lapse

If you’re still holding onto the thought that Disney will change their minds about Star Wars 1313 don’t hold your breath. Today we’re finding out that Disney is letting the Star Wars 1313 trademark to lapse meaning they are not picking up the trademark anymore. Not much was known about the video game but it’s … Read more

Star Wars: Battlefront target Launch date

Star Wars: Battlefront was announced awhile back at E3 with just a thirty second teaser trailer which stirred up excitement for many of its fans. We still know that the release date isn’t anytime soon, but it didn’t stop their publishers from releasing a statement about the next-gen title. The CFO of EA Black Jorgensen … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer and Release Date

Square Enix and Disney are working together to create Kingdom Hearts 3, which is currently in development for the PS4. You can Pre-Order the game now to receive a free limited edition art book. Keep checking back to stay updated on the series. Check out the trailer below. We’ll have more soon.