Bethesda Won’t Be Announcing Next Big Game For Awhile

Bethesda fans are ready for the development studio’s next big game but it looks like it will be awhile before we even know what that title will be. During a D.I.C.E. event, RockPaperShotgun had the chance to speak with Todd Howard, the game director for Bethesda. Naturally, we’re all gearing up for some type of … Read more

Borderlands 3 Isn’t Being Developed…Yet

Gearbox is making several new video games at the current moment but Borderlands 3 isn’t one of them. Recently, Polygon had the chance to speak with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, where the question was brought up on a possible Borderlands 3. While there’s a definite answer as to the studio not developing the game at … Read more

Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty Will Be“Next-Gen First”

During an interview with IGN, Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg revealed Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty will be the “First Next-Gen” Call of Duty and it will be primarily for the PS4 and Xbone. “Sledgehammer is approaching this as a next-gen-first development,” says Hirshberg. “Obviously in the console-transition year, anyone who developed a cross-generational game last year had … Read more

How to make a successful FPS Game

We came across this hilarious video making fun of the current trend of developing generic and done-to-death FPS games and selling them off as being the next big thing. The video, while not trying to be overly funny is a pretty good attempt at satire and definitely worth a watch. Although, it’s funny to watch, … Read more