Ice Poseidon Scams Fans Out Of $500,000

Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino has apparently scammed his fans out of $500,000 in a pump and dump crypto scheme. Crypto scams are becoming more and more commonplace in recent years. Whether it’s NFTs or “pump and dump” schemes, anyone interested in crypto has to be extremely careful about what they’re doing. Now, Ice Poseidon has … Read more

Sweden Says Europe Should Ban “Energy Intensive” Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is an issue that has been affected the gaming industry for years. Now, Sweden is trying to ban “energy intensive” Bitcoin mining in Europe. Bitcoin mining has a massive effect on the environment. It also affects the gaming industry by limiting people’s access to new hardware. Graphics cards are snapped up by crypto … Read more

Squid Game Cryptocurrency Scammers Make Off With Over $3M

An unofficial Squid Game cryptocurrency has been found out to be a scam. The cryptocurrency, called SQUID, was using the hype the popular Netflix show has generated to gain traction. The show is taking the internet by storm, and many are trying to cash in on its success. The unofficial cryptocurrency launched less than a … Read more