‘Captain America: Civil War’ Will Screen a Month Early at CinemaCon

Those disappointed with Batman v. Superman at least have Captain America: Civil War to look forward to. The only issue is that it’s well over a month away…well, for most people. Disney announced that it will screen Civil War a month early from its premiere date at CinemaCon on April 13. CinemaCon is going to be very hard for the regular … Read more

‘Captain America: Civil War’ May Have as Many as Three Post-Credits Scene

Post-credits scenes have been a Marvel Cinematic Universe tradition for a while, and that’s not going to change with Captain America: Civil War. How do three post-credits scenes sound? In addition to being Marvel’s longest movie at 147 minutes, Civil War will force the audience to stay a little while longer because of those extra scenes. “We can’t … Read more

First Captain America: Civil War Trailer Sets The Stage For War

It’s finally here. The much awaited Captain America: Civil War trailer has dropped and it sure as hell looks exciting. The much anticipated film has Iron Man and Captain America locking horns against each other as New York gets embroiled in a Civil War. The friends turned foes premise has already garnered a lot of … Read more