Battlefield 2042 Re-Uses Models From Battlefront 2 – And That’s OK

Battlefield 2042 has received more criticism for using models from Battlefront 2, causing yet another debate. Recent posts on Twitter and the gaming subreddit criticised the re-use of certain models from their previous game Star Wars Battlefront 2. One tweet even said it’s “honestly sad how badly EA/DICE ripped us off”, showing an example of … Read more

EA has confirmed a most wanted feature for Star Wars: Battlefront 2

If you’ve been looking forward to the next Battlefront game, which is coming out during the holidays of 2017, this latest announcement is going to be icing on the cake. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going to have a full campaign with a huge emphasis on storyline, narrative, and creating an immersive world. Their goal … Read more