Battlefield 1 Just Added This Massive Tank

Battlefield 1‘s They Shall Not Pass DLC is now live. The new update includes new multiplayer maps, weapons, and more. According to the developer, one of the new vehicles features in the first expansion is a french tank called the Char 2C. The Char2C is a 70 ton, 10 meters long vehicle war machine, despite having … Read more

T-Pain explains why mouse and keyboard is better for Battlefield 1

T-Pain recently live streamed some Battlefield 1 on Twitch. During the recent stream, the American rapper went into detail on why he feels that a mouse and keyboard is the definitive controller for playing Battlefield 1. 14 seconds into the clip, T-Pain gave his subjective thoughts on why he personally prefers the mouse and keyboard when playing the … Read more

EA announce massive new Battlefield 1 expansion, first details revealed

There’s a big expansion on the way for Battlefield 1, actually there’s four, and EA has revealed some information about them, namely the first one coming this March, called They Shall Not Pass. Here’s what you can expect… You’ll be playing as a member of the French Army in They Shall Not Pass. There’s going … Read more