The Lamest Ways To Die In A Videogame

Death, it’s something we’ll all encounter sooner or later. It’s the only plausible outcome in life and every day we edge closer to it. Luckily for us, video games give us more than one shot at life. However, even death can come in strange ways, especially inside a videogame. It can happen in a manner … Read more

6 Worst Console Games of all time

In our columns, we have featured many games that have been acclaimed critically and commercially. The games we have discussed so far are the ones that have been the creamy layer of the gaming industry. But today we put before you something very different. Our feature today throws light on the console games that have … Read more

The Best PlayStation Games of All Time

Though online games like free video poker, slots, roulette, bingo and many others have taken the overall gaming experience to an absolutely new level, the PlayStation games have not lost even a bit of their charisma amongst the gaming fanatics. The original Sony PlayStation served a major turning point in the world of video games. … Read more