An Ancient UFO Has Been Found Beneath The Bermuda Triangle

Get your tin foil hats on, because this story is about to blow your mind. Alien life is one of the most popular talking points in the world of conspiracies and it’s pretty easy to understand why to be fair. The idea that we’re not alone in this world and that there are this other … Read more


Best Space Games That Let You Make Contact With Aliens

Creatures from outer space have always sparked a huge interest in people and many conspiracies have been created along the years concerning their existence. Starting from the infamous Area 51 and ending with impromptu UFO sightings or tales of abductions, aliens are an important part of the modern folklore. Their appearances in video games are … Read more

Alien Isolation Review

Its been along time since the original Alien movie came out and Alien Isolation pays tribute to the Ridley Scott classic film. In 2013 Aliens Colonial Marines was released and was a disappointing tribute to millions of fans around the globe. However Aliens Colonial Marines was centered around action and large hordes of enemies, whilst Alien Isolation is centered around … Read more

Call of Duty: Ghosts New Predator DLC Teased

Continuing from the Michael Myers DLC, Call of Duty: Ghosts is receiving predators. The alien creatures are invading the COD universe even though it’s not officially labeled as predators or even mentioned about the creature. Regardless, looking at this teaser video it’s hard not to claim these alien creatures will make an impact within the latest DLC. … Read more