Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition Europe Release Date Unveiled

Looks like gamers within Europe will be able to mark their calendars for the release of Minecraft for the PlayStation Vita. 4J Studios, development studio behind the Minecraft editions for consoles and handhelds, has revealed the release date for Europe. 4J Studios took to Twitter to confirm that the release date for Minecraft on the … Read more

PlayStation 4 Minecraft Version Delayed

Looks like the PlayStation 4 Minecraft version has been delayed according to 4J Studios latest tweet on the development process. Minecraft: PS4 Edition was sent over to Sony to pass the tests to bring the game to the system. Unfortunately the studio has found a few issues within the test which is making the developers … Read more

Minecraft PS4 Edition Coming In August

News released from 4J Studios, developers for console versions of the popular Mojang title, Minecraft. According to the developers, we can expect a release for Minecraft on the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita this August. 4J Studios has announced that Minecraft on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PS Vita took a bit more … Read more

4J Studios Release PS3 VS PS4 Minecraft Screenshot

4J Studios who is bringing out Minecraft to home consoles, has showcased a new photos showing off a comparison screenshot of both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Take a look at the screenshots and let us know which system you’re playing Minecraft on. The new screenshots from 4J Studios shows exactly how far the look distances is … Read more

Minecraft Coming To PS4/PS Vita

4J Studios has tweeted a picture showcasing Minecraft heading to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. 4J Studios has yet to announce anything official as of yet but the image does showcase Minecraft being played on the PlayStation 4. Also, notice the PS Vita playing it’s own copy of Minecraft, it doesn’t appeared to be mirrored with … Read more

4J Studios Release Minecraft TU14 Images

Mojang’s infamous hit Minecraft, has been selling units left and right on the PC. Though recently, the game has been ported to consoles and since then, the game of catch up has vastly been going on. There’s constant updates going on the PC version of the game that console users are missing out on. However, … Read more

PS3 Edition of Minecraft Ready for Testing

Chances are you already own a copy of Minecraft either on PC, the 360 or mobile devices. Mojang and 4J STudios are still hard at work to bring the mega hit game to a new platform, the PlayStation 3. In fact, it is ready to be tested. 4J Studios sent a Tweet, updating their followers … Read more