Streamer Says She’s Owed Thousands Of Dollars By Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘bbjess’ has asked for help after the streaming platform allegedly failed to give her the thousands of dollars she’s owed.

Bbjess posted on social media claiming that Twitch owes her “tens of thousands of dollars”. Despite her payout method meeting the requirements, she hasn’t been paid revenue for October.

Bbjess starting her streaming career during the pandemic and quickly rose through the ranks on Twitch. Despite being in the top 0.04% of creators, Twitch still hasn’t paid her the October earnings. Now she’s asking for help on Twitter to try to solve the issue.


Bbjess has said that a recent ban on Twitch may be the cause for this late payout. She was banned for a day due to an emote which Twitch mistook for “sexual content”. However, as her payout method is fine, it’s strange that she is still having issues.

Twitch Issues

She isn’t the first streamer to have problems with Twitch’s payouts. Sobha, another Twitch streamer, also said Twitch was withholding her payments. She claimed Twitch flagged her for “suspicious activity” and withheld her payouts as a result.

Often, streamers are met with frustrating automated responses when attempting to sort out issues on the platform. And if you’re not one of the biggest creators, it can take even longer to deal with various issues.


Hopefully Twitch can find a way to solve the issues streamers are facing with payments. Many streamers rely on the platform to make a living, and the longer Twitch is unable to fix its issues the more damage it can cause.

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Featured Image Credit: bbjess