Streamer Banned For Allegedly Beating His Wife On Stream Has Been Unbanned

The Fortnite livestreamer known as Mr. Dead Moth hit the headlines late last year after he allegedly assaulted his wife while recording.

Thousands of viewers witnessed 26-year-old Luke Munday assaulting his wife, and he was arrested and charged. His channel then appeared to have been suspended following this incident.

Credit: Mr Dead Moth

The event became worldwide news due to the stream’s highly disturbing content, but it seems it’s not the end of Mr. Dead Moth.

Mr. Dead Moth resurfaced just after the holiday period, announcing his return on Twitter. Naturally, people are not impressed with the move.

The hammer has fallen hard on streaming platform Twitch, with many people contacting the service to express their disgust at the reinstatement of the channel.

Credit: Twitch

On Twitter, one angry user writes: “Dear @twitch/@TwitchSupport ,

“Mrdeadmoth, the garbage human that beat his wife during a live stream has been unbanned on twitch. We seen the viral video of him hurting her.

“You’ve perma banned for way less. I think this is un acceptable from every angle… this has to be a joke.”

Credit: Pixabay

Another user branded the move from Twitch as “abhorrent.”

At the time of writing, neither Twitch nor Mr. Dead Moth have commented on the unbanning of his channel.

Credit: Mr Dead Moth