Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Just Added To Steam

Let me take you on a trip down memory lane, the year is 1998 and you just got out of school all loaded up on gushers and chocolate milk. First order of business: sit down with your N64 and hop into the pilot seat of your very own x-wing fighter aircraft, with graphics at the time that were good enough to make you feel as if you were flying through the Star Wars movie. You are now Luke Skywalker, commander of the prestigious X-wing pilots known as Rogue Squadron. You also could’ve been flying a A-wing, Y-wing, snowspeeder, or V-wing, whatever floats your boat.

star wars rogue squadron screenshot

The game was inspired by the Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Squadron comics and took place sometime roughly between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. During the gameplay, Skywalker and Rogue Squadron fight the Galactic Empire in sixteen missions across multiple planets.


You can relive that magical moment, because steam just released the arcade style classic with partial controller support so you can play on your Xbox. The cost is $9.99, well worth it for a piece of priceless gaming nostalgia.