Spec Ops: The Line Won’t Have A Sequel

Fans of the Spec Ops: The Line will be disappointed to find out that the game will end fully at the first installment. Any hopes for a sequel has been dashed away by Yager Development as they revealed the studio won’t be looking into making another game that continues the story.

Yager Development, was in charge of the development of Spec Ops: The Line. The game does have a rather big cult following but nowhere near big enough to support the developers in making another title within the franchise.

In fact, Spec Ops: The Line sold so poorly that the game is being labeled as one of the main reasons Take-Two Interactive cam in below sales expectations for the first quarter of 2013. However, Yager Development isn’t playing their sob story as they studio is more than fine putting away a military shooter.

Now the studio is working on a sci-fi project known as Dreadnought which should be in the beta testing process early 2015. Did you pick up Spec Ops: The Line? Let us know if you enjoyed the game and would have picked up the sequel in the comments below.