Soul Sacrifice Delta PS Vita Launch Trailer

The sequel to Soul Sacrifice known as Soul Sacrifice Delta has released in western markets on the PlayStation Vita. Today, Sony has released the launch trailer which you can view right down below.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is available now and is a sequel to the original Soul Sacrifice. The game includes new bosses, a third faction, co-op and more. Much similar to the original plot to Soul Sacrifice, players take control of a slave to a powerful sorcerer.

The sorcerer must absorb human sacrifices to remain immortal. Our protagonist is set to be next person in line for sacrifice but before summoned a talking magical book presents itself. Within the book, the players can jump into ancient tales and learn just how to battle and defeat mythical creatures and monsters.

With the information and skills learned, the protagonist may just have a fighting chance in saving his life and destroying the cruel sorcerer.