Sony’s Jack Tretton opposed to blocking used games

According to market analyst, Michael Pachter who had a meeting with SCEA president at E3. The SCEA president call blocking used game is “anti-consumer.”

 Patcher clearly sated

“For the record, I’m totally opposed to blocking used games. I think it’s great for the consumer that they can buy those. We have a customer that buys our console late in the cycle, pays less, is looking for value priced games, and I think it would be anti-consumer for us to do that’,”Pachter told


There was a rumors about the PS4  won’t support PS3 games  and used game, SCEA president quickly responded and  support of used games seems somewhat.

Pachter himself said PS4 will play used game  “I think it will play used games,” he said. “That is the dumbest rumor I’ve ever heard.”