Sony VP: “PlayStation 4 to have the strongest launch line-up we’ve ever had”

A recent  interview with CVG, Sony VP Michael Denny  clarified  “With PlayStation 4 what’s exciting is we can see the strength in depth of titles come through – not just in first party but third party, and I really believe PlayStation 4 will have the strongest launch line-up we’ve ever had.

Numerous strong line up games have already been announced last week along side the PS4 announcement.

“I think you’re always going to want to cover the big genres – the big, triple-A experiences – and keep pushing them and keep innovating within them.”

“I think Drive Club was a great idea and part of their vision you would’ve seen in Motorstorm RC on Vita – more of a social type racer, but on PS4 I think they feel they can do a more fully formed racer and bring some of those things in to it,” added Denny.